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Save the Veto, Save the Vote

It has been the honor of my life to represent the community in which I grew up. For me, politics has always been about bringing the voice of our community to the Capitol and putting the needs of Wisconsinites first.

In recent years, many of my colleagues in the State Legislature have decided that the wishes of the people come second to their political ambitions, and to the interests of big businesses that fund their campaigns. They've gerrymandered our state, and are working to make it more difficult for ordinary folks to have a say in their government by making it more difficult to vote.

The only thing standing in their way is our governor's promise to stop any legislation that makes it more difficult to vote, but Governor Evers can't do it alone. He needs strong allies in the State Senate who will uphold his vetoes. Right now all Republicans need is to win one more seat in the Senate and then no one can stop them from overturning the vetoes that are the only backstop against their agenda.

I will stand up and fight against anti-democracy schemes and stand behind our governor to make sure that people do not lose access to our most fundamental right of voting.

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