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Jobs, Education and the Economy

The health of our economy impacts nearly every facet of our way of life. When people struggle to make ends meet, it ripples throughout the decisions they make from day to day and through the lives of the people they love.


Our government must take wise actions when its policies affect economic issues, and we should build support for the people who are struggling the most to create a rising tide that lifts all boats.

As a member of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, I always prioritize putting Wisconsin businesses first. I vocally opposed the rushed way that the Foxconn deal was pushed through in 2017, and am very happy that we were able to renegotiate the contract so that our state is no longer paying over $219,000 per job created, and created terms that Foxconn can realistically meet.

Education and job training are another important element of our economic success as a state. Making sure that we set our students up to succeed is the first step to making sure our state has the workforce that will meet the needs of the future. In addition to having good K-12 programs, I am always looking for legislation and programs that make it easier for college students or people looking for a career change to get an apprenticeship. Creating options for the people of our state is the best way to make sure families can get back on their feet whenever disruptions like a pandemic or recession occur.


City and county revenue sources are an important factor for our region’s economy. These go to important programs like education, public safety, transportation, and public health services to name a few. I prioritize proposals related to revenue and taxation that help our region grow while making wise use of taxpayer dollars and reducing the tax burden on homeowners and the poor.

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