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About Tim

Tim Carpenter was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was raised by his mother, Audrey, who worked as a switchboard operator, and his father, Ken, who spent his career working at the Falk Corporation.


From an early age, Tim's parents instilled in him a sense of community and civic duty. Tim remembers the first time when his mom, who contributed to our democratic process as a poll worker for their community, brought him to watch her vote at Morgandale Elementary. Tim's family was active in church and community events, and Tim learned to treat civic engagement and voting as more than a right, but as a duty.

These values are what first led Tim to run for public office, and he has made it his life's work. As a senator, he fights to make sure that Wisconsinites come first, and that local governments don't get micromanaged by the State. Issues that he focuses on are: Public Safety and Justice, Jobs and the Economy, Healthcare, Protecting our Environment,  Issues affecting Seniors, Veterans and Military Affairs, and making our government more responsive to the people it serves, to name a few.

About Tim: Bio
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