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Good Government and Elections

Democrats and Republicans need to work together to create the best solutions for the people of our state. Even if I disagree with my Republican colleagues at times, I still respect their views and believe that we can work together as good neighbors to make our communities stronger.


Elections are the foundation of our government, and they would not be possible without the many volunteers and workers who devote their time and energy serving the people of our state. I will always stand up for them when politicians who failed at the ballot box attempt to blame elections workers and volunteers.

I will never tolerate threats and slander against our election workers.

Recently, many politicians who want to rewrite the rules of our elections have prevented the indefinitely confined from being able to have someone that they trust deliver their ballot when they cannot. This prevents some individuals from being able to vote, and in a democracy, that is not acceptable.


To make sure that Wisconsinites have a voice in our elections, and that we are truly hearing from all the people, I believe we need to work harder to make accommodations for people with disabilities and the elderly. Wisconsin law currently does not recognize the barriers to voting that our neighbors with disabilities face, and they must rely on federal law to protect their right to vote. This is not enough, I will work to make sure that our state law is adequate to guarantee their fundamental rights are not infringed upon.


In Madison, I have authored and co-sponsored many bills each session that would put the reins of government back in the hands of the people by reforming campaign finance laws, ending gerrymandering, making our state legislature more responsive to the wishes of the people, and requiring state government to follow reasonable requirements in completing its work.


I am very pleased to serve on the Joint Legislative Audit Committee where we review the practices of state agencies and programs to make sure that they are being run effectively and are free from waste, fraud, and mismanagement. I have proposed an audit of Michael Gableman’s Office of Special Counsel to get to the bottom of the inappropriate activities that took place. We now know Donald Trump was aware that he had lost the election before he decided to spread the Big Lie and provoke an attack on Congress. Michael Gableman perpetuated these same falsehoods which threatens Wisconsin’s democratic system of governance.


I have also proposed changes to the legislature’s policies that would require Senators to do their jobs in holding a vote on the Governor’s appointments within 100 days. This would prevent the abuses of government positions by rogue actors like Fred Prehn on the Natural Resources Board. 100 days is more than enough time for the Senate to complete the confirmation process while properly vetting appointments through committees.

My actions with regard to Gableman and Prehn are the only concrete proposals that have been put forward in the state legislature to right these wrongs. I intend to stay at the forefront of these issues, demanding accountability from government officials and calling out misconduct.

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