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Nomination Papers

I hope that you will help me get my name on the ballot for 3rd District State Senator by assisting me in gathering nomination signatures from eligible voters who live within the district.

This map shows the new 3rd State Senate District following the recent actions of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

If you, or a friend or neighbor live very close to the border, and it is difficult to tell whether you live inside or outside of the district, you can search for an address using the maps from the Wisconsin Election Commission by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom right of the screen.

The deadline to submit papers is June 1st, so to make sure that I can turn all the forms in on time, please mail any forms that you circulate back to me by May 16th. You can mail the forms to 2957 S. 38th St., Milwaukee, WI 53215.

Even if you have one, two or three signatures, please send them back to me! If you have any questions about filling the nomination papers out, please send them to

Thank you so much for helping me collect nomination signatures! As the circulator, please be sure to fill out the fields at the bottom of the form (but leave the Page No. box blank)

Noms Map Composite SD 3.png
Nomination Papers: Get Involved
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